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Stylized Photoshoots 

My goal when hosting content day, styled shoots is to provide an accessible space as well as opportunities for deaf+ photographers to build their portfolio and to network with other creatives and deaf+ models, collaborate with deaf+creatives. The team that I work with are deaf/hard of hearing and/or signers (uses American Sign Language). 

All the photoshoots are designed and created by me. 

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This was the first styled shoot that I had ever hosted. I was in Ohio at the time and many photographers there wanted a South Asian themed photoshoots to build their portfolio. So I set up three sets: North Indian model for a Mehendi Party, a Malayali (a person from Kerala) bride, and then a Bangladeshi wedding couple. I offered workshop on learning the different South Asian cultures and my family cooked food for everyone.


After learning that the deaf/hard of hearing community have never heard of styled shoots, I shifted my focus on setting styled shoots for this community. I wanted to create a space where they can build their portfolio and network with each other. Also, with my value and advocacy for bringing deaf, POC in media--all of my models are POC and part of the deaf/hard of hearing. This was hosted in Washington, D.C.


Since the last one was indoors, I decided to host one outdoors and give it that street vibe but make it editorial. This styled shoot focused on Asian American Pacific Islander women. I had three women of Asian ancestry and this was my biggest turnout. I had 13 deaf photographers come out, meet, and work together.


Ringing in the new year with lots of love. I wanted to showcase the LGBTQIA+ deaf community in media as often times we see straight, cisgender hearing and deaf couples. Though this was a small turnout, we still had lots of fun especially playing with the light.


This styled shoot had 4 different photoshoots and ideas. One of them being Retro Bollywood, a Movie Theater and a Couple, Dancing Metro, and a Mother-Son duo. I had several photographers that flew from out of state into D.C. to attend. It was such a great experience and I am hoping to continue that kind of turn out.

This was a retreat style weekend and I designed 6 different photoshoots. The concepts included a group of Muslim womxn, a homage to South Indian culture, Black Goddess, a group of LGBTQIA+ individuals in the woods, Halloween, and lastly, I had collaborated with a deaf businesses who lended us their products so that deaf photographers could practice branding/product photography.

A photography retreated hosted by Clare Cassidy, a storytelling photographer based in San Francisco, California. She invited me to be one of the leaders to host 3 styled shoots for the retreat. I creatively directed concepts, which are: Dimension, Sculpted, and In Sync. Click on the images to see the final results (coming soon). 

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